Sian’s music career began when she was 10 after seeing a famous jazz trumpeter on TV. Sian was so impressed by the talented trumpeter that she promised herself that she would learn to play the trumpet, and when her school offered the opportunity of brass lessons she immediately started to learn, much to the initial dismay of her parents!! After a few lessons it became clear that she had a natural talent for the trumpet, and after joining a local brass band, soon fell in love with the sound of all brass instruments. After a couple of years on trumpet (and then cornet), Sian decided she wanted to try one of the larger, more mellow instruments and so took up the Euphonium. At the tender age of 15 Sian was offered the position of principal euphonium within a band, a position which she immediately accepted and where she subsequently remained for the next 10 years.

Soon Sian gained a reputation for her natural ability, and when the band required an EEb bass player for one contest, Sian volunteered to 'have a go' and there she stayed for more than 3 years!!

For some reason unknown to her, and many other jealous players in the local area, Sian found she was able to switch to any of the brass instruments without any problems and so, along with euphonium and EEb bass, the positions of principal trombone, Solo tenor horn, baritone and cornet have all been held by Sian over the 30+ years she has played brass bands.

When Sian was in her early 20's she was asked to be the conductor for the bands youth/training band and this she did very successfully for many years, leading the youth band to many local titles along the way. It was during this time that Sian found she enjoyed teaching both brass and music theory and so started to help youngsters and adults improve their music playing and knowledge by teaching on a part time amateur basis.

When she was made redundant from her employment she realised that it was the ideal opportunity to take up her first love on a professional basis. Sian now teaches at many schools in and around Sussex plus from home and has had great success over the years with exam results for her students.  Sian especially enjoys teaching adults, enabling some to return to brass playing after long breaks.

Along with her husband Martin, Sian can often be heard playing in pit orchestras of local shows.  Performances have included Les Miserables, Annie, Cabaret, Blitz, Calamity Jane, Yanomamo and Aspects of Broadway, Chicago, Shot in the Dark, Bugsy Malone.

Sian now spends most of her time either teaching others or playing in a brass ensemble which she started along with her husband, Martin.  They both decided to leave the band, where she started her musical career, and run 'Brass Fusion'. This is not only a profession, but a hobby as well.

If music is not fun then you shouldn't be doing it!

Tenor Horn

Tenor Horn

This instrument is considered to be the ‘alto’ of the brass instruments, and is the smallest of the ‘bell up’ range.

It is the brass band equivalent to the french horn, and is usually in Eb pitch.