Instrument Rental Details

All instruments will be supplied with a mouthpiece and case.  For younger pupils a less expensive, older instrument will be supplied initially until they have learnt to handle the instrument.  Accidents can happen and it would be better on a less expensive instrument!!

It is recommended that personal instruments be insured. Details of insurance policies are available on request, or on home insurance if they allow.

After initial 3 months the rental can be cancelled at any time once instrument has been returned. No hidden charges. If at any time during the rental period you decide to purchase the instrument, a percentage of rentals paid can be deducted off purchase price.

I do have agreements with some of the larger brass instrument suppliers and can get competitive prices for purchasing all new and used instruments. Prices can be found to suit all budgets and quality requirements.

Terms & Conditions for Instrumental Lessons

£19 per half hour or £36.00 per hour.
£15 per person on shared half hour lessons.

I currently teach at various different schools during the daytime and privately from home after school, early evening plus Monday during the day.

Payment Terms:

All cheques are to be made payable to S. BUSS within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. Any cheques which do not clear will incur a £20 penalty to cover bank charges. No post dated cheques will be accepted.  Bank transfers are much preferred.

Costs associated with lesson material (music/books)  will be billed on the next invoice along with any refunds for cancelled lessons.

Costs associated with instrument rental and exam fees will be invoiced and payment is as above.


I try to be understanding and fair with regards to missing lessons, I do not insist on 24 hours notice like some.

If I am waiting for you to turn up to a lesson then that must be paid for if missed.  I am happy to accept text/email/call by the morning of the lesson for no charge to be made. For home lessons a call up to 2 hours before lesson time is suffice as I understand problems occur.

Lessons should be paid for a term in advance and a set time/day will be arranged. Lesson material (music/books etc) will be provided at cost. A term's notice must be given for terminating lessons at school or privately at home. This notice period can be completed as lessons or stopped as required.  If notice is given at the start of the Easter or Summer holidays then this will be accepted as notice period and not charged.

Musical instrument rental/purchase is available and prices/instruments can be arranged to suit your budget/requirement.

Grade examinations can be arranged by me with the examination board. Teacher attendance at exams will be charged at the normal lesson rate unless I choose to be there. All costs associated with the exam are the responsibility of the pupil/parent. (See above).

Although every effort will be taken to avoid cancellation on my part, if this occurs then an alternative lesson will be arranged at a mutually convenient time or refunded on next invoice.

Tenor Trombone

Tenor Trombone

The only non-valved brass instrument.

Its sound can be fanfare like, and it is pitched with the baritone.

The bass trombone has a lower pitch than a tenor trombone, and has 'fatter' sound.